Today’s title:Talk about Misisan what I have been.


Hello, it’s Misisan!
I will let you know about me more today.


I was born and grow up in Tokyo. I was Heisei born.
(Heisei is the current era name in Japan but it’s going to change to new one in May.)


I went to high school in Tokyo and spent such an unforgettable time for 3 years. I still (of course) meet friends who I met there even all of us have different lives, some of us got married, have children and others enjoy single life but I see them whenever they have time, wherever easy to get together when I am back to Japan. Also all of friends from my home town have children but we often see each other the same as friends from high school! Awww I really miss all of them so much!   


After graduating high school, I went to women college and straight away started working as an office lady after graduation in Tokyo. During I was working, I tried to travel somewhere in oversea when I made time. I did 2 or 3 times a year.


One day I coincidentally reached to the blog which a Japanese guy traveled in the world wrote. The blog actually changed my mind and reading his blog was accounted for my day. I read it anywhere I could read, in the train, in the bath, before sleep etc. I kept reading world traveler’s blogs after I finished reading the blog. I’d never thought about travelling all of the world, I’d never met people who’s done,


First, I decided to go to the Philippines to study English. I noticed that a lot of students in the same school in the Philippines were going to Australia with working holiday visa after finished studying while I stayed over. I was going to be in Japan a little bit and started preparing for travel around the world but I determined to go to Australia like them because I purely wanted to go and see Australia.


I ended up to stay in Australia for 2 years, I met partner, Paul before first year expired and our second year started. I applied YMS 2015 (Youth Mobility Scheme), got this opportunity and landed the UK before Christmas. I was just super lucky that I was selected YMS in 2015.
We applied a partnership visa 3 days before YMS expired and our visa application approved without problem in January 2018. I will post a blog that focus on partnership soon.


Now my forth year living in the UK just stared.
I never thought about living in the UK when I was willing to do “travelling around the world” and my life is a bit far from that dream I had (am having) but still it’s kind of linked “abroad”.

Here I am!


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログへ

Thank you for reading.
See you soon.




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